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Tips Berpakaian Saat Berolahraga Agar Lebih Nyaman dan Semangat

Tak hanya kesiapan tubuh, saat akan melakukan olahraga ada baiknya memperhatikan busana atau outfit. Bukan untuk sekadar gaya, melainkan perhatian terhadap hal ini bisa membuat lebih semangat dan memberi kenyamanan selama melakukan kegiatan olahraga. Berikut ini tips outfit saat berolahraga Pilih bahan baju yang mudah menyerap keringat Saat berolahraga tentunya tubuh akan memproduksi banyak keringat. […]

3 Tips for Buying Golf Sticks for Beginners

Because recently the sport of golf is increasingly in demand, quite a lot of beginner golfers have sprung up. If you are one of them, maybe choosing golf equipment feels quite confusing. Especially when you have to buy a set of sticks needed to play. Therefore, here are tips on buying golf sticks that you […]

4 Great Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is one of the most popular recreational sports in the world, and with good reason. Golf is a low-impact activity that offers a variety of health benefits for people of any age.  Playing golf means spending a lot of time outdoors, and any activity that gets you outside is beneficial for your health in […]

3 Best Female Golfers in the World

Often considered an attractive sport for men, in fact golf is one of the sports that women are interested in. This is because in recent years, female golf athletes have managed to record several proud achievements in this one sport. Who are they? The following is a list of talented female athletes in the field […]

4 Most Beautiful Golf Courses In Europe

Lush green valleys and hills, vast meadows, in the most beautiful places in Europe, these 10 most beautiful golf courses in Europe, are some of the top golf clubs in the world. Each golf course is designed to perfection, the combination of facilities and natural beauty is outstanding. 1. Golf Blue Green Pleneuf-Val-Andre Di Brittany […]

Ria Bintan Golf Club, The Best Course In Asia.

Ria Bintan Golf Club is proud to announce its success in consistently being named the best golf course in Asia and Indonesia by the Asian Golf Awards and obtaining the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence from 2014 to 2019 and the 2019 Hall of Fame. and has hosted various regional events, including Ria Annual bintan. Ria […]

4 Golf Courses with Beautiful Views in Indonesia

PARAHYANGAN GOLF BANDUNG Parahyangan Golf Bandung is a unique golf course. The reason is, this field is located in the water reservoir area of ​​the Saguling Reservoir. Located in the Kota Baru Parahyangan area, this golf course won the Indonesia’s Best Golf Course 2021 award from the World Golf Awards. This golf course, which is […]

Jakarta Golf Club, One of ASEAN’s Oldest Golf Clubs

History of Jakarta Golf Club Jakarta Golf Club is the oldest course in Indonesia, first established in 1872 under the name Batavia Golf Club which was pioneered by A. Gray and TC Wilson and is located in the Gambir area, Jakarta. Over time, the course moved to the Rawamangun area in 1934 and changed its […]

These are the 5 Most Beautiful Golf Courses in the World.

Almost all of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, almost all of which are located on lakes, by the sea, and even in the desert. The golf course in Guangzhou is the fifth most beautiful golf course with a mountainous setting. Here are the 5 Most Beautiful Golf Courses in the World.  Le […]

Getting to Know the Kinds of Golf Caddy and Their Job.

Golf caddy has become a common thing and is often heard by golfers. In fact, some say that if we play golf without using the services of a Caddy, it is the same as not playing golf. A golf caddy is a golfer’s assistant while playing golf on the course. Many want to be a […]

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