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Cara Unik Pegiat Golf Memeriahkan HUT Ke-77 Republik Indonesia

Dalam momen memperingati dan memeriahkan HUT ke-77 Republik Indonesia, sebuah turnamen golf bertajuk Merah Putih Cup II digelar di Sentul Highland Golf Club, Kamis (18/8/2022). Dengan mengusung tema HUT ke-77 Republik Indonesia, peserta turnamen yang berasal dari berbagai kalangan, seperti komunitas pegiat golf, mahasiswa, pegawai, hingga selebriti itu mengenakan kostum bertema kemerdekaan. Sebelum memulai turnamen […]

Pay Attention to the Following Things before Playing Golf

Playing golf is not only loved by adults. Now the younger generation is very interested in trying this one sport. At first glance, the sport of golf does look simple and easy, but when put into practice it turns out that there are many things that must be considered, from sports equipment to the right […]

This 70-Year-Old Golfer Wins the Competition!

Age may be old but the spirit must remain young. That is the Mayor of Tasikmalaya for the period 2007-2022 H. Syarif Hidayat M.Sc. who with his youthful spirit is able to carry the fragrance of the name of the City of Tasikmalaya. This achievement, he achieved after appearing as a champion in the golf […]

Overcome Your Upset with This Sport!

Sport is an activity that has various benefits. With regular and regular exercise, the body can become healthier and fitter. Not only for physical health, exercise is good for mental health. Exercise is one of the activities that can make the mind more relaxed and calm. So, enough with exercise, things that disturb the mind […]

DKI Jakarta Promotes Golf to Four Cities in Asia

The Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Disparekraf) promotes golf tourism to four major cities in Asia in the Jakarta Golf Roadshow Asia 2022 activity. Jakarta as the main entry point for foreign tourist arrivals, has a variety of high quality golf courses with international standards. The promotion of one of Jakarta’s leading tours is […]

Botanical Garden Concept Field in Jakarta

Jakarta as the capital city is a strong magnet for the presence of various entertainment destinations. Among the many entertainment venues available, the clubhouse is the exclusive choice for refreshing. One of them, The Maj Senayan. The Maj Senayan is present as a unique one-stop lifestyle destination with a golf course, Senayan National Golf Club […]

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