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3 Major Tournaments in the World

A Grand Slam in professional golf means winning all of golf’s major championships, namely the Masters Tournament, US Open, and British Open. No one has managed to win a classic Grand Slam. Tiger Woods is very close to achieving that. She won all four major events in the space of two years (2001-2002) called Career […]

Here are the 3 Most Expensive Golf Clubs in Indonesia

No one denies that golf is an expensive sport. This can be seen from the price of a golf club that can reach millions. Even the most expensive golf clubs can be sold for more than Rp. 400 million, such as the following three most expensive golf clubs in Indonesia, for example. 1. Andrew Dickson […]

The Most Expensive Golf Courses in the World, The Costs Up to Trillions!

As is known, the sport of golf itself is quite synonymous with expensive costs. Because, in addition to having to rent an expensive field, the players also have to provide a number of playing equipment at exorbitant prices. Regarding the playing field itself, there are several places that are categorized as very expensive. What are […]

Top 3 Golf Courses in Japan with Beautiful Views

Golf has been played since the 15th century and is now a favorite sport, especially for the upper middle class. This is evident from the number of golf courses scattered around the world. Reported by TokyoMate, Japan has the third most golf courses in the world after Canada and the United States (US). Of the […]

The Differences Men’s and Women’s Golf Sticks You Need to Know

One of the small ball sports that is known as an expensive sport is golf. To support the game of golf, golf players need golf equipment and supplies, such as gloves, golf stands and balls, golf clubs, and others. Golf sticks aka golf sticks are the most important accessories when playing golf. This equipment is […]

Don’t be careless, here are tips for choosing a golf club for beginners

For beginners choosing equipment for golf is certainly not an easy thing. Especially if you need a set of sticks that become the main tool in playing golf. Some ads offer it at a fantastic price, but not necessarily a match. Therefore, here are some tips on choosing a golf club that you can follow. […]

Suitable for the child, this is an animal-themed golf game

For those of you who like to play golf, but still don’t have enough time to play live, then you can download the golf animal game. Animal golf game is an android golf game in which the characters use animals. This game is very funny, unique and interesting. Not only fun to play by golf […]

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