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Bathed in loot, he’s the three richest golfers in the world of all time.

Let it be noted that golf is the fourth richest sport on the planet. If a golfer wins a tournament, their bank accounts are soon filled with enough money to retire. If one is good at properly investing, of course. This proves that golf is one of the most prestigious sports that money, fame, and […]

This Is Why Golf Is Expensive Sport.

There are a number of factors that make golf sports seem expensive. First, because of the expensive equipment. The new xxio eleven new new xxio eleven set ata recent price. For a unit price, elevenia xxio driver would be $8.5 million, fairway wood $1.1 million, a hybrid $6 million, iron graphite $19.9 million.  Even though […]

5 Cheap Driving Ranges in Jakarta

It’s fun to relax in the afternoon or get together with friends. Well, in addition to the cafe or mall, you can also do that at the driving range. Calm down, for those of you who just want to try hanging out with friends while driving range, here are 3 cheap driving ranges in Jakarta: […]

Takara Golf Resort, Cheap Course in Tangerang

Playing golf usually requires excess funds because the price of equipment and golf course rental prices are known to be quite expensive. However, this assumption is not always true, you can also play golf even if you have limited funds. One of the tricks is to choose a golf course that has cheap rental rates […]

How to Introduce Golf to Children

Golf has been known as a sport played by adults. Very rare for children who like to play golf. However, there are many benefits that parents do not know when their children play golf. Therefore, here we present how to introduce golf to children: No need to memorize terms In all games, each has its […]

Getting to Know the Kinds of Golf Caddy and Their Job.

Golf caddy has become a common thing and is often heard by golfers. In fact, some say that if we play golf without using the services of a Caddy, it is the same as not playing golf. A golf caddy is a golfer’s assistant while playing golf on the course. Many want to be a […]

Bukit Unggul Country Club, Medium Difficulty Golf Course At Reasonable Rates.

If you are bored with golf courses that have a low/easy level of difficulty, then you must try playing golf at Bukit Unggul Country Club. Because this Club has a moderate level of difficulty, in addition to having a moderate level of difficulty, this Golf Club also has a reasonable rate or relatively cheap. This […]

Golfers Must Know, Here’s How To Do The Correct Flop Shot Technique!

In the game of golf, of course, there are many terms of strokes contained in the game of golf. One of them is the Flop Shot technique. Flop Shot technique is that produces a ball that bounces up straight high and then stops shortly after landing on the ground. Here we present how to do […]

Myths About Golf Caddy That Many Circulate Out.

So far, news about caddy is synonymous with negative things. In fact, there are many facts that are not known to the public about this one profession. Some of them answer the circulating myths: Always Dress Sexy The opinion that caddy always dress sexy when on duty is certainly an opinion that doesn’t make sense. […]

3 Tips and Tricks for Playing Golf at Night

Playing golf is indeed very fitting when done in the morning or afternoon. This is because the sun can be one of the lights that beautify the golf game. However, did you know that golf can also be played at night? Playing golf under the lights and night sky will certainly make the game more […]

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