Hitting Techniques in Golf

The game of golf is synonymous with high-end and expensive sports. The reason is, the equipment needed to play this sport is not cheap. Likewise with the price of field rental.

Apart from that, golf is a small ball game that is played outdoors individually or as a team. The players will compete to put the ball into the holes that have been determined in the field with the fewest possible strokes.

Golf balls are hit using a set of bats called clubs (golf sticks).

On the other hand, golf is a sport that requires balance, strength and accuracy in hitting.

Therefore, you are obliged to know the basic techniques before jumping in or playing golf directly on the field.

Holding Technique

Before understanding how to swing and hit, you should first understand the technique of holding a golf club. These techniques include: Baseball grip, this technique is done by holding the stick like in baseball, where the left hand is under the right hand.

Overlapping golf grip, this technique is done in almost the same way as the Baseball grip technique, only the right hand is slightly up so that the little finger of the right hand is between the index and middle fingers of the left hand.

Interlocking golf grip, this technique is not for beginners but done by professional golf players. The way to do this technique is like holding a baseball bat, but linking the little finger of the right hand with the index finger of the left hand.

Swing Technique
There are several ways to swing the stick properly and correctly, so that the stroke is more powerful and balanced, including: Doing backswing, is done by swinging the stick behind the body until it passes over the head.
Doing downsing, is done by launching the right shot to hit the ball (this technique is done after doing the backswing).

Hitting Technique

Accurate strokes are needed in the sport of golf. To be able to make these strokes, you must understand the basic techniques of hitting in the game of golf, including:

  • Tee shot, this technique is the first shot to start the match which is carried out from the teeing ground (the initial location of the golf ball) towards the hole.
  • Fairway shot, this technique is done after doing a tee shot.
  • Bunker shot, this technique is done when the ball is hit outside the area.
  • Putting, this technique is done when the golf ball is close to the hole so that the ball can be easily inserted.
  • Punch, this technique is usually done when the wind that blows on the golf course is very strong.

Source: Dosenpenjas, Nugydragon