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This Cathedral Provides a Golf Course for Its Congregation

The cathedral is a place of worship for Catholics. Several religious services were conducted there with the bishop. If usually inside the cathedral contains long chairs, this one cathedral has a different look. A cathedral called Rochester Cathedral located in England has a small golf course that its congregation can use. The field is located […]

Wow! This Airport Has a Golf Course!

Incheon Airport in South Korea deserves to be ordained as one of the best airports in the world. Just look at the facilities inside, this airport has a large golf course. Can play golf first before the plane comes! Judging from the official website of Visit Korea, Monday (8/12/2014) the golf course is known as […]

Meaning of Numbers in Golf Clubs?

Golf can seem a little complicated to newcomers and first-timers, and understandably so. Learning to play golf can be difficult due to its steep learning curve, rules and regulations, and equipment specifications that accompany the game. A common question newcomers to the sport ask is the meaning behind the various golf club numbers. Thankfully, our […]

Are You Nervous When You Want to Play Golf? Follow This Tips!

Feeling nervous before the big game? Some of us use this weird feeling to fuel and will our way through the experience, but others find this as unsettling and may cause problems approaching the game. If your nerves are getting in the way, here are a couple of ways to calm it down before the […]

The 90-Degree Rule in Golf?

The “90-Degree Rule” is something golf courses put into effect if they want to permit golfers the convenience of driving their golf carts onto the fairway, but at the same time minimize the impact of this freedom to the course’s fairway grass. Why does the 90-degree matter to players? As already mentioned, the rule allows […]

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